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Knowing the importance of lighting for an accommodation facility and what are the trends that have imposed themselves most in the sector is essential for approaching a complete hotel lighting project.

Hospitality is a world in constant evolution and, compared to the past, change seems to become even faster, so much so that places that offer accommodation such as hotels; boutique hotels; lodges and any other form of accommodation offered to a guest should be continually updating, renewing itself and adapting to the changes taking place.

The ideal lighting depends above all on the nature of the hotel, its own characteristics and its differential elements.

The positive experience of visitors to a hotel depends primarily on the visual impact, whose light determines its quality and has a decisive effect on an unconscious level.

In brief – we will explain how we approach a project in the hospitality sector

In the hotel lobby, the relationship between the function and the decorative lighting needs to be so harmonious as to create an atmosphere that knows how to affect the guest’s first impression from the moment they arrive.
The light that welcomes guests is responsible for leaving in them a good memory.

A hotel room can be cosy, warm and inviting and the light must take on a more practical but flexible role. It will be necessary to offer the possibility to adjust it according to your needs. Adopt a lighting system that can adapt to the guest’s needs, means allowing him to independently create the atmosphere he or she may want to create – this can be done by using different forms (layers) of light that can be turned on and off manually or through an automated system that can be easily understood.

In the space dedicated to the bathroom, the attention of your lighting project must be directed to the mirror. Good lighting at the sink must be sufficient to illuminate the whole environment, to obtain a dressing room effect. Lighting from above that casts shadows on the person’s face is not good lighting practice and can frustrate a guest. Good Lighting practices should be taken into consideration when illuminating the bathroom spaces.

If the hotel offers boardroom or function venues – it is critical that these areas also offer a variety of different scenarios for the various different types of functions that need to be hosted. The lighting needs to be flexible and managed through a control system that is easily understood.

The lighting for a restaurant and the bar area, the lights they plays a decisive role in distinguishing spaces, shaping the atmosphere more appropriate for different environments.

In restaurant lighting design a creative use of different forms of lighting can enhance the positive experience that the clientele want to have when wining and dining in a specially chosen restaurant of their choice. Most importantly a guest wants to be able to see what they eat, creating a mood/dark atmosphere – using selective but clever lighting techniques really enhances the experience (if it ties in with the restaurant’s theme/look) – and with new small rechargeable table lamps available for the tables – one can really play with mood lighting within restaurant spaces and not over designing the space.

Restaurant lighting is one of the key areas we derive a lot of business from and get a lot of enjoyment from when seeing the end result.

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