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At Liquid Lighting we consider designing retail spaces and the lighting of these spaces as it forms a critical part of the intended purpose of the space. To attract clientele into the space lighting is so important in retail spaces and is often ignored or not considered properly.

We understand the importance of creating effective and efficient lighting for retail spaces that create the correct atmosphere and enhance a client’s space.

Retail lighting design has also become more challenging as ensuring energy efficiency within a square metre space of the store is critical in the design and to the centres that these stores are occupying space in.

A well-lit store provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers and proper focused lighting on products attract a customer’s attention. We know that 80% of all sensory impressions come through our eyes. Thus, making your products inviting in today’s retail environment means making the most of light.

Indiscriminate lighting is not conducive to showing off products in a retail store. Proper retail lighting design highlights the different products or areas of the store and allows the customer to focus on one thing at a time. 

When creating a balanced lighting scheme for a retail store, we focus on the customer experience. Effective retail lighting should create an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to browse and explore the shop.

Retail store lighting that is too bright or uses too many contrasting colour temperatures can overwhelm the shopper’s senses. Instead, striking the proper balance between ambient and accent lighting is important in the design phase of a store.

Choosing the correct colour temperature, which is measured by its Kelvin rating, of LED bulbs is integral to a retail space. Colour temperature can create either a warm or cold environment and affect how products are displayed. Different Kelvins are also used to enhance a particular product’s colours. It is critical to take this into consideration when designing retail spaces.

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a way to measure a light source’s distinctive attributes. It is an assessment of how the light source shows object colours “naturally” when compared to a familiar basis of reference. Generally, the higher the CRI, the truer the product’s colour appears under that light.

Strategically placed accent lighting can help draw attention to specific items or displays, while ambient lighting can provide an overall mood that makes shoppers feel comfortable in the space. It’s important to find the right balance between highlighting product displays and not overwhelming shoppers with too much light. 

Planning for the unique needs of a particular space is an important part of creating an effective retail lighting design. 

When it comes to the lighting for retail dressing rooms, it is crucial to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. 

This is the most important space in your clothing store. When a shopper enters the fitting room, the chance of them buying the clothes they’re trying on increases if the customer likes what they see. But if the lighting is not considered in this space this will definitely affect the client’s decision when buying a product.

Soft, diffused light from indirect sources will provide flattering illumination that’s easy on the eyes, compliment the shopper’s physical form (i.e., no unflattering shadows), and still allow them to see what they are trying on. 

Liquid Lighting has played a critical role in the design of many retail store brands.

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